hi-fi loudspeakers

bowers & wilkins 600 series loudspeakers

benefiting from technology developed for their 800 Series range, the Bower & Wilkins 600 Series sets a high bar in the budget sector 

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amphion argon loudspeakers

stylish loudspeakers hand made in Finland, utilising technology and waveguide designs from Amphion's studio loudspeaker range to minimise their interaction with the room

ophidian m series loudspeakers


the compact M Series from British manufacturer Ophidian produces an image size and bass depth beyond what you'd expect such small boxes to be capable of

Ophidian M Series loudspeakers at the little audio company,

kef q series loudspeakers


britain's most technologically advanced loudspeakers, untilising KEF's UniQ driver technology, producing point-source sound reproduction for better imaging, and more predictable in-room performance

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kef r series loudspeakers


the quality of KEF's R Series belie their size and price thanks to their UniQ driver array producing predictable results in almost any type of room - their finish and real wood veneer is the cherry on top

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kef ls50 loudspeakers


the award winning LS50 and LS50 Wireless models are true point-source loudspeakers, producing some of the best standmount loudspeakers available on the market today

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larsen loudspeakers

Swedish built loudspeakers designed to work against walls, ideal for those wanting high end sound quality but not wanting to sacrifice floor space

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marten oscar duo and trio walnut.jpg

marten loudspeakers

high end Swedish loudspeakers from Marten, using ceramic driver technology for detail and accuracy usually associated with speakers at high price points

eclipse loudspeakers

genuine point source performance from Japanese manufacturer Eclipse, with a range of single driver loudspeakers producing speed and accuracy very few can even approach

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heco direkt loudspeakers


german manufacturer heco produce a range of wide, shallow depth loudspeakers with high sensitivity ratings, making them great partners with low powered amplification

Elipson loudspeakers at the little audio company,

elipson loudspeakers


french flair and design meets hi-fi - distinctively retro looking loudspeakers that look attractive where conventional speakers do not

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monitor audio

studio loudspeaker

Monitor Audio's Studio loudspeaker is the culmination of technology trickled down from their Platinum Series, producing their best sounding budget loudspeaker to date

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monitor audio

radius loudspeakers

Monitor Audio's Radius range bring quality performance and finish to the compact speaker market, with a range of models to suit every situation

Wharfedale Heritage loudspeakers at the little audio company,

wharfedale heritage 



british vintage returns courtesy of Wharfedale's 85th anniversary loudspeakers in the shape of the classic Denton and Linton models

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