innuos phoenix usb re-clocker

The Innuos Phoenix USB Re-clocker is essentially the USB output of their high-end Statement music server housed in it's own separate enclosure - this allows an end user to add this specialised circuitry to any USB equipped music server, in order for them to gain the very best transfer of digital information from their server to their DAC.

The Phoenix is equipped with an "oven controlled crystal oscillator" chip, which are becoming more common nowadays, but many USB reclocker's OCXO chips work at 10MHz, and therefore require extra circuitry to convert to the necessary 24MHz - the Innuos Phoenix's OCXO chip works natively at 24MHz, so doesn't need this extra circuitry. This chip is also situated right by the Phoenix's USB output, keeping the signal path shorter and cleaner, with no cabling from the clock itself to its USB output.

The Phoenix is run by two linear power supplies designed by Dr. Sean Jacobs, one dedicated to the USB output board.

As it's connections are universal, the Phoenix isn't just for Innuos owners to add to their ZENith or ZEN music servers to improve performance - any music server with a USB output can take advantage of the benefit a Phoenix, and lift their system's digital capabilities to new heights.

Available in black or silver.


rear panel of the Innuos Phoenix USB reclocker
  • USB regenerator

  • OCXO master reclocking chip

  • 1x USB input

  • 1x reclocked USB output

  • dual linear power supplies

  • 2 year warranty

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