kef ls60 wireless in Mineral White

kef ls60 wireless loudspeakers

KEF at the little audio company,

The KEF LS0 Wireless loudspeakers are an all-in-one solution for music lovers wanting a pair of high quality loudspeakers for network connectivity or wireless streaming, all controlled by a single app.
The set up can be as simple as using your phone or laptop as a source - providing Spotify Connect, QOBUZ, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and TIDAL Connect (including MQA decoding) music streaming services, as well as Bluetooth and AirPlay2 wireless streaming too. The LS60 Wireless will also be able to stream any digital music stored on music servers or home computers and laptops that are connected to your home network.

With analogue and digital inputs, including HDMI, the LS60 Wireless can also accept inputs from DVD and Bluray players, turntables, games consoles, and media boxes such as those from Sky and Virgin, allowing them to become the centre of a stereo hifi system or two-channel TV/media setup for your living room, covering music and movies.

The fact that you can plug pretty much any analogue or digital source into the LS60 Wireless (in addition to the streaming options they already provide) makes them a neat and very flexible solution, whether for hifi, computer, or TV use.

KEF LS60 Wireless loudspeakers in titanium,
kef ls60 Wireless in Royal Blue
Chromecast connectivity,
Roon ready,
Roon ready,
HDMI eARC input,

Optical and coaxial digital inputs allow for the connection of an external digital source such as a compact disc players, games consoles, and TV media boxes, and will support up to 24/192 signals.

An ARC equipped HDMI input will connect to either a music server such as 432 EVO or Innuos, or to the ARC HDMI output of your television - anything then viewed on your TV screen will send the audio directly back to the LS60 Wireless.

KEF LS60 Wireless rear panel,

While a Bluetooth turntable will be able to connect wirelessly to the LS60 Wireless speakers, a pair of RCA inputs will allow the connection of any analogue source. 

For the playback of CD quality and hi-res files up to 24/96, the LS60 Wireless need no interconnecting ethernet cable between the two speakers, just like the LSX. This means that the only cables needed would be a power cable to each loudspeaker. The interconnecting ethernet cable will only needed if wanting to play higher resolution 24/192 digital music.

KEF Connect app

The new LS60 Wireless control app for your phone or tablet covers everything you need in a single app, including set up and full control.

Amazon Music streaming,
TIDAL streaming,
Spotify Connect streaming,
QOBUZ streaming,
MQA decoding,
Deezer streaming,
  • 1x 19mm vented aluminium HF unit

  • 1x 4" aluminium midrange driver

  • 4x 5.25" force cancelling bass drivers

  • three-way ported design

  • 2x 100w Class AB amplifiers for the HF units

  • 1x 100w Class D amplifier for the midrange driver

  • 1x 500w Class D amplifier for the bass drivers

  • 111dB maximum output

  • 31Hz-36kHz frequency response +/-3dB

  • 24bit/384kHz DAC [one per speaker]

  • H 1090mm x W 212mm x D 394mm

  • mineral white finish with silver/copper UniQ

  • royal blue finish with copper UniQ

  • titanium grey finish with copper UniQ

  • £5999 / pair

  • ROON ready

  • AirPlay 2 wireless streaming

  • Bluetooth 4.2 aptX HD streaming

  • UPnP network streaming

  • Google Chromecast

  • Spotify Connect

  • TIDAL Connect including full MQA decoding

  • QOBUZ streaming

  • Deezer streaming

  • Amazon Music streaming

  • Internet radio

  • DSD and MQA decoding

  • HDMI eARC input [up to 24/192]

  • Optical digital input [up to 24/192]

  • Coaxial digital input [up tp 24/192]

  • RJ45 ethernet network input [up to 24/384]

  • RCA subwoofer output per speaker

KEF LS60 colour options,
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