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ophidian p series loudspeakers

British manufacturer Ophidian has packed a bit of unique technology into the new P Series, allowing the range to sound far bigger than they actually are, and producing bass depth that speakers of this size really should have no right to.

Hi-Fi Choice P3 review

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British hifi,
Ophidian P Series loudspeakers at the little audio company in Birmingham,

ophidian p1 loudspeakers

compact loudspeakers capable of a far bigger sound than physics deems possible...

click here for the Ophidian P1 loudspeakers,

ophidian p2 loudspeakers

a two and a half-way, compact floorstanding loudspeaker with a performance that shames many much bigger loudspeakers

click here for the Ophidian P2 loudspeakers,

ophidian p3 loudspeakers

a genuine three-way, compact floorstanding loudspeaker designed within the same cabinet size as the P2

click here for the Ophidian P3 loudspeakers,
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