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Perlisten D212s subwoofer,

perlisten D212s subwoofer

Perlisten's dual 12" driver subwoofer uses push/pull technology to reduce distortions, and provide big output from a relatively compact cabinet.

Perlisten at the little audio company,

Weighing in at no less than 68kg, the Perlisten D212s subwoofer is no lightweight. Designed to produce the thunderous LFE soundtracks of modern movies, it is also extremely adept at reproducing the fine nuances hidden in such low bass, usually ignored by most subwoofers. Its speed and agility is betrayed by its appearance, making it a surprising performer in many ways.

The dual 12", bespoke bass drivers are designed and made by Perlisten, and claim a +/-30mm linear excursion - look out JL!

The push/pull arrangement of the two drivers reduces distortions by to 10-12dB, producing much cleaner output than single driver and even conventional dual-driver subs.

The sealed cabinet helps produce a smooth in-room response compared to ported subwoofers.

The downloadable control app allows set up and adjust of the D212s from your listening position. There's three modes to choose from (cut, boost, or THX), and set the 10-band parametric equaliser to help smooth out its response in your room. Three individual presets allow easy switching between movie/music listening.

Perlisten D212s subwoofer, THX Dominus subwoofer,

A single D212s subwoofer is capable enough to achieve a THX Dominus rating, capable of effortlessly filling large rooms with cinema levels of sub bass.

A more detailed spec sheet is available here.

The D212s provides unbalanced RCA inputs and outputs, as well as balanced XLR inputs and outputs for both left and right channels, supporting daisy chaining and left/right stereo/mono use.

Other than a power on/off switch, there are no rear controls on the D212s, all controls are via the app or the touch screen mounted on the top of the subwoofer for ease of use and installation.

D212s back panel, D212s connections,
  • dual 12" carbon fiber diaphragm driver design

  • sealed cabinet design

  • THX Dominus rated

  • 3,000w peak output amplifier

  • 2x unbalanced RCA inputs

  • 2x unbalanced RCA outputs

  • 2x balanced XLR inputs

  • 2x balanced XLR outputs

  • 10-band PEQ with 3 presets

  • 20Hz-231Hz -6dB THX mode (high output)

  • 15Hz-231Hz -6dB boost mode (large room)

  • 24Hz-231Hz  -6dB cut mode (small room)

  • 32bit ARM Cortex M4 control processor

  • IOS and Android control app

  • H 668mm x W 420mm x D 550mm

  • 68kg

  • available in piano black

  • optional grille £170

  • £7,000

D212s in white with grille,
THX Dominus certified,
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