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20 movies streaming on Netflix

Updated: May 12, 2023

20 movies streaming on netflix

During this worldwide lockdown period, here's a list of movies worth looking at streaming on Netflix, if you currently have enough bandwidth of course! Some of these are classics, some are a little different, and as you can tell, I do like a well produced true story - and I own all but three on Bluray/UHD Bluray.

A Quiet Place

You'd think that a film following a family who have to remain silent in order to stay alive would make for a boring film - not so! But if a system tester...

The Machinist

Trevor's sanity is brought into question after his neglect causes a work colleague to lose his arm - is it related to his long term insomnia? Madness awaits.


Recent movie version of Stephen King's mini TV Series. This version seems to have split opinion on a number of aspects, but if you're a fan of Stranger Things, you should like this...


David Cronenberg's 1983 horror may pack real physical effects that attracted major cuts by "video nasty" censors at the time, but its themes resonate now more strongly than ever.

You Were Never Really Here

A bit violent, but all for a good cause. I don't really want to give a synopsis as it will spoil the opening 20 minutes or so. I've watched this several times now, and is another example of Wacky Phoenix's current "do no wrong" run of movie roles.

Good Time

As a doer of generally wrong things (in this case, a botched bank robbery), Connie finds it's very hard to try and do the right thing in order to get his mentally challenged younger brother out of prison while trying to evade the cops. A good performance by Robert Pattinson, showing he does have a promising movie career ahead of him outside of the Twiglet movies.

The Big Short

Adam McKay brings us an in-depth explanation of the U.S mortgage crash in 2008, and the bunch of investors who bet big on it happening when Michael Burry saw it coming by crunching the numbers. An eye opening and absorbing watch, particularly if you don't fully understand what happened.

Road House

I avoided watching this until about 10 years ago - now I love it!

Night Crawler

A look at the unflinching TV news channels in America, and the lengths they go to to make sure their footage pulls in the viewers. Good cast including the late Bill Paxton, with a creepy performance from Jake Gyllenhal.


Something crashes to earth, "infecting" the surrounding area, its boundaries gradually growing larger and larger threatening to eventually cover the whole world. After a biologist loses her husband, she signs up for an expedition to enter the infected area to find out what happened to the previous team sent in to find out what the cause is and how to stop it.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

A feel-good movie not without its dark side.

The Social Network

The story of the most addictive social media platform ever. Even if you don't use Facebook, this telling by David Fincher of its invention and those who invented it is a riveting watch, with a great score by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.


Along with Hereditary, Mother! was one of the weirder films of 2017, with the deeper meaning of our abuse of planet earth.


An eye-opening account of the uncovering of mass child molestation in the Catholic church by a small team at the Boston Globe newspaper who went under the name Spotlight. Strong cast and performances led by Mark Ruffalo and Michael Keaton.


Strong performances from a decent cast (especially Paul Dano, who seems to impress in whatever roles he takes on). After two young girls disappear from outside her homes, how far will the two families go when they feel the Police aren't doing enough to find them?


I have zero interest in baseball, and don't worry, there's very little baseball in it. This true story follows Billy Bean, a manager of a small team with no money who decides to take on the multi-million dollar teams with the help of a young number cruncher with a different approach...a riveting watch.

Dallas Buyer's Club

Ron Woodroof contracts the AIDs virus. This movie follows his story of trying to bypass America's FDA who are controlling the available treatment for the virus, and his mission to bring sufferers the real treatment they need using more natural approach to the symptoms in order to prolong their lives.

I, Tonya

I have no interest in figure skating, and never really followed the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident of the 1994 Winter Olympics, but this story is gripping enough to keep your attention, and was a little different to what I expected.


It's not a great movie in any sense of the word, but I just enjoy watching it so much!

Scott Pilgrim Saves The World

Even if you've never read the comics or played the computer game, this love story by Edgar Wright (Baby Driver/Shaun Of The Dead) will still entertain, even with the mediocre Michael Cera in the lead role.

Do not watch...

Dark Shadows

I'd say this is Johnny Depp's worst movie ever, but I've not seen Mortdecai, which also stars Ewan McGregor, so...

EDIT: as of 12th May 2023, 14 of these films are no longer available to stream on this service.

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