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20 movies streaming on prime

Updated: May 12, 2023

20 movies streaming on prime

During this worldwide lockdown period, here's a list of movies worth looking at streaming on Prime, if you currently have enough bandwidth of course! Some are classics, some are a little different, and as you can tell, I do like a well produced true story.

What We Do In The Shadows

A comedic 'mockumentary' following a group of stereotypical vampires from various times in history living together like a bunch of students, documenting their every day lives, or more accurately, their every night lives.


De javu. A troubled mother is taken on a cruise with some friends where they encounter an abandoned ship - but things seem a little familiar on board...

The Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari

One of the very first horror films - 100 years old this year. Worth watching purely for the straight-lined, angular, jagged sets painted in such a way as to produce a dark and moody atmosphere, complete with painted shadows. And that's before you even get the fact of how good this movie is, and how it continues to influence cinema to this day.

The Founder

Love or loathe MacDonalds, the story is a very interesting one, or at least, it's portrayed as an interesting one in this 2016 movie, with some strong performances from the main actors. It could well make you want to boycott them altogether...


One of David Fincher's greatest movies, based on the true story of the Zodiac killer from the 1970s. A solid cast throughout, some great music, and some excellent digital enhancement to reproduce the San Francisco of the 70s. Takes a few viewings to take in all the info on offer, as is customary with a David Fincher production.

The Old Dark House

A 1932 production by Dudley-born director James Whale, in which a bunch of travellers take refuge in a large castle style dwelling out in the middle of nowhere (supposedly here in Warwickshire if I recall correctly!). Camp and creepy, there's some great performances by the cast which include Boris Karloff and James Laughton.


After his excellent The Big Short, Adam McKay brings us Vice, based on the life of Dick Cheney, Vice President to George W. Bush, portraying the role he played in some of the major events of the last few decades, including 9/11.

Evil Dead

Horror remakes don't come much better than this, and this 2013 production tops some of the excellent horror remakes we've seen this century.

Night Crawler

A look at the unflinching TV news channels in America, and the lengths they go to to make sure their footage pulls in the viewers. Good cast including the late Bill Paxton, with a creepy performance from Jake Gyllenhal.

Pan's Labyrinth

Guillermo Del Toro rarely puts out anything short of excellent (ignoring Pacific Rim), and Pan's Labyrinth is up there with some of his best work. A fairy take with some great visuals and monsters, set in mid 40s Spain after the civil war.

Perks Of Being A Wallflower

A feel-good movie not without its dark side.

Lost River

Written and directed by Ryan Gosling. It's been a little while since I've seen this, and I need to revisit it, so I'll refrain from describing it from my hazy memory! Worth watching if you like something a little different though.


A dark look at the origins of the clown. When a clown cancels for his son's birthday party, he finds a clown suit at the house he's helping to renovate. But the suit is more than it seems...

Good Night, And Good Luck

Written and directed by George Clooney. Great cast and performances from all, Set amidst the threat of Communism in 1950s america, this film looks at a small current affairs TV show on CBS hosted by Edward R. Murrow, and their attempt to take on Senator Joseph McCarthy.


Strong performances from a decent cast (especially Paul Dano, who seems to impress in whatever roles he takes on). After two young girls disappear from outside her homes, how far will the two families go when they feel the Police aren't doing enough to find them?

L.A. Confidential

A look at the corruption in the L.A. Police force in 1950s America. Another films with a strong cast and equally strong performances.

The Lives Of Others

An engaging tale of a secret police officer tasked with 'eavesdropping' on a couple in 1980s Cold War Berlin. Over time, he finds himself becoming increasingly absorbed with the couple's every day lives...

I, Tonya

I have no interest in figure skating, and never really followed the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident of the 1994 Winter Olympics, but this story is gripping enough to keep your attention, and was a little different to what I expected.

Empire Records

A movie about a record shop? Enough said.


A portrayal of the life of Ian Curtis, lead singer of Joy Division

Do not watch...

Movie 43

Despite being a "comedy", the only remotely funny scenes were the Batman ones - mainly because Batman is portrayed as a complete a-hole. Otherwise, this has to be one of the worst movies I've ever seen.

EDIT: as of 12th May 2023, 12 of these films are no longer available to stream on this service, and some of those still available can only be watched with ads.

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