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20 movies streaming on Shudder

Updated: May 12, 2023

20 movies streaming on Shudder

During this worldwide lockdown period, here's a list of movies worth looking at streaming on the dedicated horror channel Shudder, if you currently have enough bandwidth of course! Some are classics, some are a little different, and as you can tell, I do like a well produced true story.

Tigers Are Not Afraid

A fairy tale following a group of young children against the backdrop of the dangerous no-go districts ruled by Mexican drug cartels.


Bit of an odd one this, but follows a small village administering "medical treatment" to its children...interesting nonetheless.

The Changeling

Classic creepy horror from 1980 starring George C. Scott who puts in a great performance.


Odd things are happening in a small suburb of Buenos Aires. Hints of Guillermo Del Toro's Devil's Backbone here...

The Battery

A different take on the usual action packed zombie genre.

American Werewolf In London

The best werewolf movie that there probably ever will be.

Deep Red

While most feel that Suspiria is Dario Argento's best work, I personally prefer Deep Red.

Lake Bodom

Two high school boys take a couple of girls to Lake Bodom to re-enact a murder scene. That's all I'm going to say...

The House Of The Devil

Samantha needs money, so takes a babysitting job that turns out to be more of a house sitting job with a dark twist.

S.O.B. (Summer Of Blood)

Below average Erik is a jerk, but seems to have done undeservedly well in life. After being dumped by a girlfriend way better than he should deserve, he goes on a series of dates, and encounters a woman who will change his life forever... (I know I’ve made it sound romantic, but it really isn’t!).

Cold Fish

After their teenage daughter is caught stealing, a wealthy local man who owns an aquarium offers to set her on the straight and narrow and have her work for him. All is not as it seems though...

The Innkeepers

A creepy ghost story of a hotel that's days away from closing down. Claire and Luke are looking after the place, in the hope that they can gain some evidence of spirits that supposedly live within the hotel.

Lost River

Written and directed by Ryan Gosling. It's been a little while since I've seen this, and I need to revisit it, so I'll refrain from describing it from my hazy memory! Worth watching if you like something a little different though.


Newlyweds Paul and Bea spend their honeymoon near a lake at her father's country cabin. Odd things start happening, and Bea starts to behave oddly...

Donnie Darko

Classic. I'm sure everyone knows about this by now, so no real need for me to explain, but if you haven't seen this yet, do so!

The Strange Color Of Your Body's Tears

A businessman returns from overseas to find his wife missing. Following the clues to her whereabouts just sends him down a spiral that just gets more weird by the day. A homage to the 70’s Giallo movies.


A painter is facing a creative block and tries everything to get things flowing again, which leads to drink/drugs binges that blur the lines between reality and hallucinatory visions.


A slightly different take on the usual werewolf story.

The Devil's Candy

After buying a large house cheaply due to its past, a small family settle in, and the father, a struggling painter, finds himself being possessed by the paintings he's suddenly producing. One for metalheads.


After being placed under house arrest, Morgana begins to feel there's something weird going on in the house - it's like the house is living and breathing...

Do not watch...


Sam Raimi's 1989 gory slasher is great - but this is the cut version, so you miss out on all the good stuff...

EDIT: as of 12th May 2023, 15 of these films are no longer available on this service.

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