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Silent Angel Bonn N16 LPS ethernet switch,

silent angel bonn N16 lps audiophile network switch

The Bonn N16 provides two banks of 8 ethernet connections, ideal for those with multi-source systems wanting to eliminate ethernet interference between audio and video sources

Silent Angel,
Silent Angel,

The Silent Angel Bonn N16 LPS ethernet switch attempts to provide the best possible ethernet connection for audio and video systems, eliminate noise and interference at every step - most "off-the-shelf" switches are built as cheaply as possible as long as they work, with zero attention paid to providing the best possible switching.

Bonn N16 LPS ethernet switch,

The Bonn N16 begins with a linear power supply, providing individual power rails to each of the two banks of 8 ethernet connections, isolating them at the power supply.

Individual custom made TCXO modules, one for each bank / zone, which provide a stable clocking and better performance over a wide temperature range.

inside the Bonn N16 ethernet switch,

While the Bonn N16 can provide 8 ethernet switches for audio products to be fully isolated from video or computer equipment in a single box, making it particularly ideal for multi-media systems or audio/visual systems, the two can be linked by connecting a socket from each bank with a short ethernet cable.

  • audiophile network switch

  • 16 ethernet ports

  • two isolated "zones" of 8 switches

  • dual TCXO clocks

  • linear dual power supply

  • rack mountable (1U)

  • H 44.1mm x W 441mm x D 166mm

  • £1350


  • optional F1 linear power supply £445

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