Triangle vinyl replay system

triangle vinyl replay system

combining a turntable and powered loudspeakers, this system offers a simple solution for any home

triangle hifi,
Triangle LN01a powered loudspeakers

This Triangle system is very simple.

First up we have a simple to use record deck which will play both 33 and 45 rpm. Add to this a pair of 'powered' loudspeakers offering 50 watts per channel of power - no bulky amplification and extra boxes. That's it. 

Not only do the Elara LN01a powered loudspeakers provide inputs for the turntable, but they also have another analogue input in the form of a small headphone jack. On top of this, a coaxial and optical digital input allows the connection of external digital sources such as a compact disc player, music server, media player, or even TV boxes such as Virgin or Sky. This essentially allows the connection of four external audio sources including the turntable.

Bluetooth streaming,

The inclusion of Bluetooth allows the system to accept music wirelessly from phones and tablets - anything you listen to on a Bluetooth equipped phone or tablet can be played through this system.

Triangle vinyl system

The remote control provides input switching, volume control, mute and power on/off control, as well as bass and treble adjustment for you to enjoy the system exactly how you want to.

sytem shown in linen grey,

The system is available in a range of colours - blue, white (above), black, linen grey (below), and aubergine.

The LN01A speakers are available on their own for £479/pair, and also in two other finishes, chestnut and light oak for £439/pair.

back panel connections,

A subwoofer output allows the connection of an active subwoofer, giving the system extra bass depth and output, ideal for larger rooms or more bass heavy music.

The LN01A speakers also provide wireless Bluetooth streaming from phones and tablets.


The system only requires two mains sockets - one for the turntable and one for the speakers.

  • belt-drive turntable

  • 33rpm and 45rpm play speeds

  • Ortofon OM-10E cartridge (upgradeable stylus)

  • 50 watts per channel power output

  • 1x pair analogue RCA inputs (phono switchable)

  • 1x analogue 3.5mm jack input

  • 1x coaxial digital input

  • 1x optical digital input

  • 1x subwoofer output

  • aptX Bluetooth streaming

  • tone controls

  • remote control

  • £850