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innuos zenith se music server

The Innuos ZENith SE media server is the ideal digital storage device for high-end separates and hi-fi systems, using solid-state SSD digital storage for instant response times and mechanical silence.

CDs can be ripped in FLAC or WAV formats, but will also play back AIFF, ALAC, AAC, MP3 and hi-res files.

On board streaming services also allow access to Spotify, TIDAL, and Qobuz, bringing even greater flexibility to an already great package. Internet radio is also accessible.

innuos zenith se_edited_edited.jpg

The ZENith SE provides one 2.0 USB and one 3.0USB connections, as well as a second ethernet connection for direct ethernet streaming to dedicated streamers.

Being entirely digital, the ZENith can be plugged into a USB equipped DAC and controlled directly as a media player. An AudioQuest DragonFly USB DAC can be added to give an analogue output to plug directly into any amplifier or hi-fi system.

rear panel of the ZENith SE music server,

Bespoke 'innuOS' editing software makes it extremely easy to change or add metadata and artwork via any web browser on a desktop PC or even a phone or tablet. Easy to use, versatile, and above all reliable.

The ZENith SE is also Roon compatible, allowing it to function as part of a Roon ready system, or to be used as a stand alone Roon source.

A premium triple linear power supply using medical grade mains filter, ultra low noise regulators, and Nichicon MUSE capacitors provide the cleanest signal and the highest quality for high end hi-fi systems. 

The considerable metal casework of the ZENith SE allows for much better heat dissipation than conventional plastic cased NAS drives, and along with its build quality, vibration and EMI treated solid state SSD storage, all provide silent, ultra low noise operation, as well as instant response times.

Strategically placed asymmetrical feet for the ideal support of the internal layout.

The full width ZENith SE media server uses a Quad Core Intel PCU with 8GB of RAM, and comes equipped with either 2TB or 4TB of solid state SSD digital storage.


Innuos ZENith SE music server at the little audio company in Birmingham,
  • 2TB or 4TB Solid State storage

  • Quad Core Intel processor

  • innuOS editing software

  • internet radio

  • Spotify streaming

  • TIDAL streaming

  • Qobuz streaming

  • Roon compatibility

  • MQA compatiblity

  • 2 year warranty

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