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larsen 9 loudspeakers

The new Larsen 9 loudspeakers are now Larsen's flagship loudspeakers, showcasing the potential of "ortho-acoustics". Despite being a top of the range, high end loudspeaker, the Larsen 9 stands less than a metre high at 930mm - very unusual at this end of the market - and with a footprint that's little more than a single square foot (the width of a record sleeve). The high quality driver choice and driver layout of the model 9 offer Larsen's most transparent, three dimensional, and effortless presentation yet. Truly a high end floorstander worth considering for music lovers with limited floorspace or unable to consider large, imposing loudspeakers that need huge amounts of space to work as intended (ie, virtually every other speaker on the market!). Their design works with the room rather than against it, creating an enjoyable, natural sounding loudspeaker.

The Larsen 9 has been given a smoother look over the rest of the range with gentle curve on the inside edge of the cabinet, and beautifully finished in Walnut, Maple, or Ebony real wood veneers.

Larsen 9 loudspeakers show in maple,

Depite the use of five drivers per cabinet, the Larsen 9 loudspeakers are a two-and-a-half-way design, utilising dual 184mm bass drivers working together below 300Hz, underpinning the three-dimensional soundstage. These also use the listening room boundary to reproduce deep, well integrated bass down to as low as 22Hz. Sensitivity is rated at an average 88dB, making them ideal for most good quality amplifiers, but they do require a 'robust', stable amplifier for their 4ohm impedance, and to give authority and control to their subwoofer-esque bass. Three HF units (one half visible) help produce a spacious, effortless, and fatigue-free listening experience, one that is extremely natural and genuinely musical.

  • 88db sensitivity

  • 4ohms impedance

  • H930mm x D378mm x W300mm

Available in Walnut, Maple (as shown in the above picture), and Ebony real wood veneers, as well as Black or White lacquer.

£13,490 pair in walnut or maple wood veneers

£14,390 pair in black or white lacquer, any RAL colour, or premium ebony finish

Larsen 9 loudspeakers in 'red',
Larsen 9 loudspeakers in ebony,
2020 golden ear award,
the absolute sound review,
Larsen in red,
Larsen in green,

Do you have a specific colour decor at home? Do you want to continue that theme with your loudspeakers?

After all, they are furniture!

You can choose any colour, however obscure, from the Natural Colour System!

Larsen in turquiose,
Larsen in lilac,

...they can also blend into your existing decor too, contributing towards greater chance of acceptance, and domestic bliss!

So not only do Larsen loudspeakers blend into your room by placing them against the wall...

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