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primare cd35 compact disc player,

primare CD35 compact disc player

Primare at the little audio company,
CD35 CD player,

Whereas the CD15 is a convenient multi-source component, the CD35 has been designed to do one thing as well as it possibly can - play compact discs. Despite the amount of CD players on the market, there are few that really stand out from that crowd, and the CD35 is part of the few.

The CD35 can be purchased or retrofitted with the PRISMA streaming board though, so the additional benefits of the PRISMA enabled CD15 can also be enjoyed with the CD35. this adds network streaming - any music stored on the same network on NAS drives, computers, or servers such as Innuos can be accessed, either via LAN connection or WiFi. Music can also be played from a USB stick or hard driver connected to its rear USB-A connection. AirPlay2 and Bluetooth provide wireless streaming from phones and tablets, and Chromecast provides access to numerous music streaming apps, and Spotify Connect is native.

The 2.2v RCA analogue outputs or 4.4v balanced XLR analogue outputs will plug into any suitably equipped analogue hi-fi, relaying compact disc playback using the ESS Sabre ES9028Pro chipset. 


One optical and one coaxial digital output can be plugged into an external DAC for improved playback quality,   This input is ideal for adding a music server such as Innuos.

12v trigger input and outputs allow system power control when used with other Primare products.

CD35 back panel, CD35 connections,

The CD35 can be purchased as a network connected PRISMA product, adding network streaming, wireless streaming, and music streaming apps, negating the need for a separate streamer. This can also be retro-fitted at a later date.

  • compact disc player

  • slot loading mechanism

  • ESS Sabre ES9028 Pro chipset

  • 2.2v output

  • 1x pair RCA analogue outputs (2.2v output)

  • 1x pair balanced XLR analogue outputs (4.4v output)

  • 1x RCA coaxial digital output

  • 1x optical digital output

  • 12v trigger in/out

  • black or titanium finish

  • H73mm x W350mm x D329mm

  • 2 year warranty

  • £2700

  • Prisma option adds:

  • Prisma control / streaming app

  • LAN / ethernet connection

  • Type A USB input

  • Wi-Fi / DNLA / UPnP

  • AirPlay2

  • Bluetooth

  • Spotify Connect

  • Chromecast

  • MQA compatible

  • DSD compatible (up to DSD128 at 5.6MHz)

  • black or titanium finish

  • H73mm x W350mm x D329mm

  • 2 year warranty

  • £3150

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