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primare i15 integrated amplifier,

primare i15 integrated amplifier

Primare at the little audio company,

The i15 is a beautifully clean looking integrated amplifier, aided by the absence of even the usual volume knob, which has been replaced by buttons. In total, the i15 has only four buttons - two for volume up and down, one for input selection, and one for standby power on/off. 

primare i15 amplifier,

Its Class D amplification provides a clean 60wpc into 8ohms (100wpc into 4ohms), and uses less than 1w in standby mode. Primare are well known for producing high quality, sweet sounding Class D amplification that runs cool, so can be hidden away in cabinets or within narrow shelving. Due to its neutral yet sweet nature, and unlike some Class D amplifiers, Primare amplification can be used successfully with a wide variety of loudspeakers.

Primare's i15 integrated amplifier is available in two guises. In its basic form, it is a fully analogue integrated amplifier, catering for those with analogue sources or digital sources with their own digital conversion and analogue outputs - if your digital sources have DACs, there's no need for the amplifier to have one as well.

i15 connections,

The MM15 moving magnet phono stage can be added for the addition of a turntable such as the AVID INGENIUM.

This can be added at any time for £270, or £250 at the time of purchasing an i15.

The i15 PRISMA replaces all but one of the analogue inputs with digital ones, catering more for digital based users.


One pair of RCA analogue inputs facilitate the connection of an analogue source, or a separate phono stage. A 3.5mm jack also hosts an analogue source.

A pair of RCA analogue pre-outputs aids the connection of a separate power amplifier, either to bi-amp or drive a more demanding pair of loudspeakers.


Three optical and one coaxial digital inputs accept signals from digital sources such as media boxes such as Sky or Virgin, games consoles, or a TV.

A Type A USB input will accept music from a USB thumb stick or USB drive, accessed by the PRISMA app.

A TYPE B USB input is ideal for adding a music server such as Innuos.

12v trigger input and outputs allow system power control when used with other Primare products.

i15 PRISMA back panel, i15 prisma connections,

With Primare's PRISMA platform, the i15 becomes a streaming amplifier. Network streaming of any music stored on the same network on NAS drives, computers, or servers such as Innuos can be accessed, either via LAN connection or WiFi. Music can also be played from a USB stick or hard driver connected to its rear USB-A connection. AirPlay2 and Bluetooth provide wireless streaming from phones and tablets, and Chromecast provides access to numerous music streaming apps, and Spotify Connect is native.

  • i15 amplifier

  • integrated amplifier

  • 60wpc into 8ohms

  • 100wpc into 4ohms

  • 5x pairs RCA analogue inputs

  • 1x pair RCA analogue pre-outputs

  • 1x pair fixed RCA analogue outputs

  • 12v trigger out

  • IR system control inputs/outputs

  • black or titanium finish

  • H73mm x W350mm x D339mm

  • optional MM phono stage £270

  • 2 year warranty

  • £1200

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hifichoice review, primare i15 review,
  • i15 PRISMA amplifier

  • integrated streaming amplifier

  • 60wpc into 8ohms

  • 100wpc into 4ohms

  • 1x pair RCA analogue inputs

  • 1x pair RCA variable analogue pre-outputs

  • 3x optical digital inputs (up to 24bit/192kHz)

  • 1x coaxial digital input (up to 24bit/192kHz)

  • 1x 3.5mm analogue input jack

  • 1x Type A USB input (up to 24bit/192kHz and DSD128 at 5.6MHz)

  • 1x Type B USB input (up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD256 at 11.2MHz)

  • 12v trigger out

  • IR system control inputs/outputs

  • Wi-Fi / DNLA / UPnP

  • AirPlay2

  • Bluetooth

  • Spotify Connect

  • Chromecast

  • MQA compatible

  • DSD compatible (up to DSD128 at 5.6MHz)

  • black or titanium finish

  • H73mm x W350mm x D329mm

  • 2 year warranty

  • £1700

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