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SVS SB3000 Micro home theatre subwoofer in gloss black,

svs sb3000 micro subwoofer

The extremely compact SVS SB3000 micro subwoofer is the perfect, high-performance sub for those with very little space.

Its size allows it to hide in virtually any home theatre system or room, and adding a second SB3000 Micro provides higher performance good enough to fill larger rooms too.

SVS subwoofers,

The ultra-compact SVS SB3000 Micro employs dual 8", long throw bass drivers capable of producing 23Hz - 240Hz at +/- 3dB, which is an impressive range for such a small subwoofer - better performance than many other more subwoofers of its size. These two drivers are employed in a dual-opposed configuration - sitting back to back in the cabinet cancels out any back-firing energy, reducing distortions and removing cabinet vibrations.


A cool running Class D power amplifier capable of producing 800 watts of continuous output and 2500 watts of peak power ensures the SB3000 Micro is able to deal with the rigorous demands of dynamic movie soundtracks, and keep the drivers under control.

And all this performance and technology from a footprint that's around 11" square.

exploded view of the SVS SB3000 Micro subwoofer,
Home Cinema Choice review,
SVS subwoofer control app,

The SB3000 Micro adds the flexibility and convenience of a control app providing access to full set up including custom presets optimised for use with music or movies, all configurable from your favourite listening position or comfy armchair.

SVS SB3000 Micro home theatre subwoofer in gloss white,
  • Sledge STA-800DM Class D amplifier

  • 800w RMS continuous output

  • 2500w peak output

  • 23-240Hz +/-3dB

  • dual 8" long throw bass drivers

  • single RCA LFE input

  • dual RCA left/right inputs

  • dual RCA outputs

  • sealed cabinet design

  • force cancelling design

  • metal grilles

  • smartphone app

  • H 278mm x W 297mm x D 271mm (excl grille)

  • £999 gloss white or gloss black

  •  £849 competitor price match 

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